A Good Business Solves a Problem

So I asked myself, what is the biggest problem I've had to solve in my life? For me, the answer is coming out and telling my friends, family, and everyday people that I'm gay. I was in the closet for way too long, and the more I hear the stories from the people around me, the more I want to share them.

Which is why I created this podcast. A platform to share the coming out stories of today's ambitious entrepreneurs. In hopes to inspire the youth and give light on the subject by talking about the incredible growth that these people have achieved. I believe that good, authentic storytelling is compelling.

I focus on entrepreneurship because similar to coming out, you need to be vulnerable, resilient, and daring. It allows you to handpick the people and space around you. Giving you the power to tell your story and be your own boss.

- Drake Andrews, Owner of Out and Up

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